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My Services – Fee-Based Financial Advice in Singapore

As a Fee-Based Financial Adviser in Singapore, I constantly put your interests first. My process begins with us meeting for a no-obligation consultation with you to define your financial situation, goals and lifestyle that you’d like to live. From there, I will define and recommend the appropriate financial strategies and lastly, we will identify the appropriate financial tools for you to achieve your financial goals.

For most of my clients, I will work with you to take you through a process of developing your own personal comprehensive financial plan. This will form the start of a long-term relationship and we will meet on a regular basis to ensure that you remain on track to achieving your goals as well as reviewing any changes over time. For some of my clients, however, the comprehensive plan approach will not be the right approach. I therefore work with you on a project-based approach which could be for Retirement Planning, Portfolio Management, Wealth Protection or Business Planning.

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Ensure you and your loved ones are covered with the right protection in place


We will review and provide advice on health insurance, critical illness and total & permanent disablement cover, life insurance and other protection strategies.


Develop a sound investment strategy that is well diversified across asset classes


We will develop a sound investment strategy based on your own circumstances and financial goals. We will ensure it is well diversified and allows you to achieve your financial goals.


Ensure your wishes are honoured and your loved ones are provided for with the right estate planning tools


We will guide and advise you on the right estate planning tools to implement include Wills, Trusts, Guardianship and Powers of Attorney.


Start planning for your retirement early and ensure you have the freedom and flexibility later in life


We will guide you through a process of developing your retirement plan. This will include retirement income, retirement value projections and a saving and investment strategy to achieve your retirement goals.

Option 1 – Your Comprehensive Strategic Financial Plan

Stage 1 – Defining Your Goals, Aspirations and Lifestyle

To ensure that our relationship gets off to the right start, I take the time to identify exactly who you are and what you’re looking to achieve. This includes identifying your values, aspirations and lifestyle. I will also take a financial snapshot of your current position so that we can identify exactly where we’re starting from. I find that this acts as an excellent tool for my clients to review their own situation and find out exactly what they have achieved to date.

Defining Your Goals - Jarrad Brown
Identifying Investment Vehicles - Jarrad Brown

Stage 2 – Identifying the Right Strategies and Solutions

The second stage in the financial planning process that I will take you through involves identifying the right financial strategies for you to achieve your goals. Once I have researched the right strategies for you, we will discuss your options and identify the strategy that you are most comfortable with.

Stage 3 – Selecting the Right Vehicles and Implementing

Once we have identified on the right financial strategies and solutions for you, the final step is to define the most appropriate financial tools and take you through the implementation process. This includes the right tools for your; Investments, Superannuation, Insurance, Estate Planning, Cash Flow Management and other key areas.

Implementing Your Financial Plan - Jarrad Brown

Option 2 – Strategic Financial and Project-Based Advice

Wealth Protection For You And Your Family

I will work with you to review your current financial position and recommend the most appropriate wealth protection strategies for you and your loved ones. This includes your; Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance, Health Insurance, Income Protection Insurance and other key tools. This could also include business protection if you run your own business with such protection tools as Key Person Insurance and Buy-Sell Agreements.

Implementing Your Financial Plan - Jarrad Brown
Portfolio Management - Jarrad Brown

Portfolio Management & Retirement Planning

If you have existing investments that you would like an objective review and second opinion on, please feel free to contact me. It may just be a matter of checking to ensure that you’re on the right track, that you’re invested using the right platform and structure, or to confirm that your funds are working efficiently for you. I can also provide you with portfolio construction advice to get you on the right track to achieve your investment and retirement goals.

Why Work With Jarrad Brown

Why Choose To Work With Me

Choose to partner with a Fee-Based Financial Adviser without hidden commissions. In working with me, you can be sure that your interests are always at the front of my mind as our interests are aligned.
As an Independent Adviser, I can choose from an array of insurance, investment and planning tools dependent on what the right solution for you is. I’m not tied to any one of the major banks or insurance firms and therefore have the flexibility to put your interests first.
I limit the number of clients I work with and will only take on a new client where I can add significant value to their finances and built a long-term partnership.
I work with all of my clients to ensure that our interests are 100% aligned. This ensures that there are no tricks or smokescreens involved, just sound, ethical financial advice to help you to achieve your financial goals.

What My Client’s Say

“Jarrad is a very knowledgeable and personable adviser. He has a consultative approach and takes his time to understand his clients needs. He understands my goals and has has tailored a successful solution.

I also appreciate his weekly market conditions newsletter!”

Michael Uhlmann, Alexander Mann Solutions
“I have been expatriate in the Asia Pacific region for over 12 years and had a constant stream of advances from a large range of “consultants” promoting wealth creation. When Jarrad contacted me I chose to give him a hearing and he convinced me that he would manage my investment as if it was his own. His approach was fresh and appealing and since that meeting his open and transparent consultation has been fresh and rewarding. I look forward to working with him as I head toward retirement and would recommend him to others seeking to create some wealth prior to leaving their work environment.”
Frank Keough, McDermott
“Jarrad provides relevant, timely and honest advice in relation to my financial position. I recommend using Jarrad to review your goals and objectives. You will not find a more honest and reliable guy, its nice to have the services of someone who actually listens to your situation and tailors a solution accordingly.”
Paul McKay, J.P. Morgan

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