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Risk Profile Form

Important Notice

I am a representative of Global Financial Consultants Pte Ltd and can advise upon, source and recommend objectively the products of various life insurance companies and fund houses to best meet your needs. I am required to disclose to you the companies from which I can source products and solutions for you. In order to ensure that the advice and recommendations are appropriate for you, we require sufficient information about your current circumstances and financial goals and objectives. The information provided from this risk profile form in conjunction with your profile information will form the basis of my advice.

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Measuring your attitude and tolerance for investment risk is critical in determine an appropriate investment strategy. Please answer each of the questions below:

Third Party Authority

To ensure that we can provide you with the right personalised financial advice there may be times that we require the services of a third-party (such as estate planning, health insurance or superannuation advice). Do you provide your consent for the information provided here, as well as what is collated through the course of the advice process, to be shared with the relevant third party on an "as needed basis"? Please note that this will always be disclosed to you prior to the sharing of information.
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