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Plan for Your ‘Golden Years’

It is important to start planning for your retirement early. The earlier we start saving for our retirement, the less we need to put away on a regular basis to achieve our goals of financial independence. How are you planning for your retirement..?

As an expat, there are a number of important considerations and valuable strategies to allow you to save towards your retirement in a tax-efficient manner. We can also work with you to consolidate your various superannuation, pension and other retirement funds that may be in a range of funds in various locations across the globe.

Retirement Planning - Jarrad Brown

Key Areas to Plan for Your Retirement

There are a range of important considerations when planning for your retirement, some of which are unique to Australian expats, including strategies for your superannuation.

Superannuation for Expats - Jarrad Brown - Fee-Based Financial Adviser in Singapore

Superannuation for Expats

As an expatriate, many simply forget about their superannuation, or assume that there is nothing they can do with it while based offshore. This is completely false and can lead to lost opportunities if completely overlooked.

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CPF for Expats - Jarrad Brown

CPF for Expats

For those expatriates and locals contributing to CPF, it is often important to develop an appropriate investment strategy to maximise the efficiency of your CPF contributions. Learn more about investing your CPF funds here.

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UK Pensions - Jarrad Brown

UK Pensions

Whether you’re considering a QROPS strategy, SIPP, ISA or other form of UK pension, with our highly experience team in the UK and abroad with significant expertise in the area, we can assist. Find out more here.

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