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The True Value of Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides financial security and peace of mind for you and your loved ones for a specified term or throughout your whole life, should the worst occur. A typical rule of thumb for needing life insurance is quite simply – If you have family and people in your life that you care for, then life insurance is an important consideration.

It is unfortunately all too common that the only ones who truly know the value and importance of life insurance are widows/widowers, i.e. those that we leave behind.

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“But I’m Already Covered by my Employer…”

Many expats feel that they are already covered via their expat package however it is becoming very common these days that this life insurance cover does not come close to being sufficient. The typical cover with expat packages is 2 – 4 times annual salary which in most cases is well under what is required. I recommend that you arrange to speak with a professional fee-based financial adviser to ensure that you do in fact have sufficient life insurance cover in place.

The other key issue for expats is if you have life insurance from your home country, you must check if you are still covered whilst living abroad as often this will be overlooked. You could therefore be paying your premiums without any purpose.It is quite common for Australian expats and others with superannnuation, to still be paying for insurance that is no longer required. We can assist you to rectify this and ensure that you are not spending unnecessary fees.

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