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International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance is medical insurance designed to cover your health and medical expenses while you’re living abroad. As an expat living and/or working abroad, it is important to have health insurance that covers you wherever you go. Costs such as outpatient care, dental care, maternity, emergency evacuations, ambulance transportation or other expenses can add up to huge sums so it is important to be certain you’re protected before an unforeseen event occurs.


As an expat, you want to be sure that the insurer you select has a wide network of solutions across the globe to ensure that you always have access to the best medical treatment wherever you are based. We can assist you to identify the right provider and the right price based on the criteria you are looking for.

Critical Illness Insurance - Jarrad Brown

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower estimates that the cost of treatment in private hospitals is on average S$1,800 – S$3,700 per day.
Ensure you have the right health insurance cover in place.

What to Look For in International Health Insurance

There are many options when it comes to international medical insurance, so it’s important that you avoid paying for benefits you don’t need and find the right policy for you. Here are some of the key features we look for when we consider health insurance policies for our clients.

  • Cashless billing system
  • Worldwide cover
  • No network restrictions
  • Simple claims process
  • Dental cover
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Comprehensive plan
  • Family coverage
  • Strong claims record

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