Medicare for Aussie Expats in Singapore

Medicare for Aussie Expats in Singapore

Deciding to move to Singapore and become an Australian expat in this city state can be a big change for many people, which brings with it a number of important decisions. Of these many decisions, one of the most important is deciding what to do about you and your family’s health insurance. This is also one of the more confusing areas for many Aussie expats, and that is what to do about your Medicare while you’re living abroad.

I’ve written this article to help clarify the rules and also to dispel some of the more common myths we come across when it comes to health insurance and Medicare for Australian expats.

It’s an important first step that you don’t simply put your head in the sand and ignore your Medicare or private health insurance in Australia just because you’ve moved abroad. Living in Singapore, or elsewhere for that matter, does not guarantee that you are not still considered an Australian resident for tax purposes. In fact, if you are still an Australian tax resident, not only will this mean that you would be required to pay Australian tax rates on your Singapore salary, you would also be liable for the Medicare levy in Australia.

To determine your Australian tax residence, you can check out my previous article by clicking here. As you’ll quickly realise, it is not simply a matter of living outside the country and I would recommend that you review your own situation here.

If you are determined to be an Australian resident for tax purposes, then this will mean:

  • Medicare Levy:
    • You will remain liable for the Medicare Levy on your global taxable income.
    • Australians are provided with access to healthcare from the taxpayers who pay 2% of their Australian taxable income thanks to Medicare.
  • Medicare Levy Surcharge:

If you are determined not to be an Australian resident for tax purposes then:

  • You will not be liable the Medicare Levy or the Medicare Levy Surcharge

Medicare eligibility for Australian expats in Singapore can be considered a grey area. The Health Insurance Commission (HIC) has confirmed that Australians living abroad will continue to be covered by Medicare for a period of 5 years. This means that if you wish to claim your Medicare benefits when you do return to Australia for a holiday or for business, then you must have a Medicare card that has an expiry date beyond the 5 year limit. Once the 5 years has passed, you will no longer be eligible for the Medicare benefits.

It’s also important to recognise that Australia has reciprocal health care agreements with a number of countries including New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom, however Singapore is not one of these countries. This highlights the importance of ensuring that you and your family have appropriate private health insurance either through your employer, or separately in Singapore as your Medicare rights will not apply here.


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