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Investing Offshore

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Investing offshore means to invest money/capital in a jurisdiction other than your city of residence. This would meet the definition of an offshore investment. Typically when we refer to Offshore Investing in the investment universe we are referring to investing via jurisdictions that potentially reduce tax burdens and levies imposed by certain jurisdictions.

Offshore Retirement Strategies

An offshore retirement plan can be an excellent strategy for you to be saving for your retirement given the flexibility, investment control and other benefits I have highlighted below. I work with you to define the type of retirement lifestyle you would like to live and the regular contributions this will require. It is important that you ensure that any offshore strategy you are considering is flexible, cost-effective and transparent.

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Benefits of Investing Offshore

Is investing offshore the right strategy for you? I have outlined some of the benefits of this strategy below.

  • Tax Efficiencies: While this isn’t the main reason for investing offshore, quite often by structuring your investment portfolio and transactions offshore the capital gains and income tax otherwise payable can be substantially reduced. It is important to weigh up the costs and benefits of this strategy, compared to an onshore investment portfolio.
  • Diversification of Your Investments: Typically, by investing via an offshore platform there are many more options available to invest in which can include index funds, exchange traded funds, hedge funds, equity funds, direct equities and other asset classes.
  • Protection of Your Assets: By utilising trust structures and appropriate planning you can protect your assets by transferring ownership offshore. For example, assets held by an individual could be transferred to an offshore entity that will hold the assets. This could be a beneficial strategy in the event under the right circumstances.
  • Consolidation of Global Assets: In most cases, the offshore platform will allow you to house your international assets within one portfolio. This saves on time, makes valuation much simpler and avoids lengthy probate procedures at that point in time. It also allows your worldwide investments to be valued in a base currency to give you a clear picture of your current financial standing.

Find Out Whether Investing Offshore is Right for You

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