Giving Back in Singapore During COVID-19

COVID-19 has occupied our minds and conversations for months now and sadly it has had an all-too real impact on many families across the world. From jobs being lost to people losing their loved ones to this virus, it has touched the lives of many.

At this difficult time, I count myself as tremendously lucky to still have a great job, be surrounded by family and not have had to experience the financial stress that has struck many others. It’s exactly this that got me thinking about how we can help those that have been impacted by the virus, to give back to the wider community and lend a hand.

This week I’ve outlined the ways that Australian expats and others in Singapore can give back to the community during COVID-19.

1. #WeCareSG

The Singapore Government has announced a $600 Solidarity Payment to support its citizens at this time, and #WeCareSG has set up a program for people to redirect this payment where they don’t need it to help the 50,000 families in Singapore that can’t afford food and basic necessities at this time. Of course, they’re happy to receive other donations also.

You can donate here -

2. Migrants We Care

As we’ve all seen, the numbers of migrant worker cases of COVID-19 have been escalating rapidly over the recent weeks. The Migrants We Care program have launched a fund to provide financial support to those migrant workers who’ve been impacted by the virus.

You can donate to this fund here -

3. Singapore Red Cross

The Singapore Red Cross has been supporting the vulnerable in both China and Singapore in providing medical resources and hygiene items. They have also been doing a tremendous job in supporting the elderly in Singapore. You can do your part to help the Singapore Red Cross with either of the options below:

Donate blood -

Donate to the Give Asia campaign -

4. Share The Meal Campaign

The United Nations have launched this program to ensure that there are food supplies in those countries that are considered more at-risk such as Nepal. Donors are able to contribute to ensure that these efforts continue.

You can donate here -

5. O’Joy Care Services

When we’re all in isolation, it can certainly take its toll on our mental health. For those that already have pre-existing conditions or are living alone, this can be particularly stressful. O’Joy has set up counselling sessions via phone and video calls.

You can support their efforts here -

6. Food From The Heart

Many charities across Singapore have faced significant difficulties in obtaining food supplies given the panic buying. If you have spare supplies in your kitchen such as canned goods, cooking oil, rice, noodles and even Milo, you can drop it off at their centres.

Find out more about their locations here -

7. Computers Against Covid

While many parents are certainly finding it challenging with home-schooling and some realising that the teachers may have been lying when they were told that their kids were a ‘pleasure’ to have in the classroom, it’s important to recognise that for some kids, they don’t have access to the technology or equipment to be able to study at home. This includes iPads, computers and other devices that are typically required. Engineering Good has set up this program where you can donate your old laptops and other equipment, which will be repaired before being distributed to less fortunate households.

Find out more here -

8. Healthserve

Masks, hand sanitisers and even Vitamic C supplements are sought after products in Singapore. If you have spare supplies at home that you don’t need, you can donate them via Healthserve. If you’re a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or dermatologist, you can also volunteer at their centres.

Find out more about these options here -

9. Covid-19 Tutoring Support for Students

Wondering how to put your skills and knowledge to work during Covid-19. CTSS has been set up to allow people to tutor students on a wide range of topics giving many a great way to give back that doesn’t require a significant financial contribution.

Check them out here -

You can also find out more about the community initiatives in Singapore at the SG United website.



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