Expat Life in Singapore - A Look at Where Australians Choose to Live

Singapore, renowned for its expat-friendly environment and has become a second home for many international communities. Over the past 2 – 3 decades, an increasing number of Australian expats have chosen to establish their lives in this bustling city-state, attracted by its vibrant culture, global connectivity, and world-class facilities.

If you're an Australian considering a move to Singapore, this latest blog post of mine is tailored just for you. We're exploring the neighbourhoods that have won over many Aussies and delving into what makes these areas so popular. Whether you’re planning to move to Singapore, or you’re considering relocating from other parts of the city-state, I hope you find this guide helpful.

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Most Common Areas Australian Expats Live In

1. Holland Village

This vibrant and cosmopolitan neighbourhood has been a long-time favourite amongst Australians in Singapore. Holland Village boasts a mix of low-rise apartments and spacious landed properties, catering to different housing preferences. The area is renowned for its lively atmosphere and eclectic mix of shops, eateries, and artisanal bakeries - think warm flat whites and delightful brunches that remind you of home.

According to recent data, Holland Village hosts a significant number of Australian expats, largely professionals and families who appreciate the balance of tranquillity and urban energy. A key attraction is the relatively short commute to the CBD, with most routes taking under 20 minutes, whether by bus or on the MRT.

Outlined below are some of the recently transacted prices of leased properties in this particular area for your reference:

Holland Village

2. Tanglin

Another preferred enclave amongst Australian expats is Tanglin. This tranquil, leafy suburb is located just a stone's throw from the bustling Orchard Road, offering the best of both worlds - a serene residential area within easy reach of the city's commercial heart. The local food scene is robust, with a variety of cafes, fine-dining restaurants, and charming bars.

Tanglin is home to a diverse Australian community, from young professionals to families. The commute to the CBD averages around 15 minutes, making it an ideal location for those who prioritise proximity to the city centre, particularly in comparison to come areas such as Bukit Timah or Botanic Gardens, which can add to the commute time.

Outlined below are some of the recent transactions in the area:


3. Orchard Road

Orchard Road isn't just a world-famous shopping street; it's also a residential favourite among Australian expats. This area, known for its high-rise condos, offers an urban living experience with amenities right at your doorstep. The array of cafes, bars, and restaurants is staggering - you can find everything from cosy brunch spots to gourmet dining experiences.

A vibrant Australian community calls Orchard Road home, many drawn by the dynamic city lifestyle. While residing here, you’re already very close CBD, meaning your commute to work could be a leisurely stroll away. A commute to Raffles place will often be no more than 10 minutes away depending on where your office is located.

Outlined below are some of the recently transacted prices for leases in this area:

Orchard Road

4. Marina Bay / CBD

For those who love to be in the thick of the action, Marina Bay and the CBD are the places to be. These areas offer sleek condominiums and an array of high-end dining and entertainment options.

With impressive skyscrapers, cultural landmarks, and bustling nightlife, it’s easy to see why Australian professionals, particularly those in finance and tech industries, gravitate towards these areas. The Australian community here enjoys the buzz of the city and the convenience of a short (or non-existent) commute.

Outlined below are some of the recent transacted prices for various condos (apartments) in the Marina Bay / CBD area:

Marina Bay

5. Robertson Quay

A quieter alternative to its louder cousin, Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay offers a peaceful residential experience with a riverside charm. The area offers a range of housing options, from modern condos to restored warehouses. The café and restaurant scene here is trendy and varied, making it a weekend hotspot for brunch and evening tipples.

A growing Australian community appreciates the relaxed vibe and proximity to the city, with the CBD just a 10-minute drive away. There is also the bus network that connects Robertson Quay, and the MRT station currently nearby at Clarke Quay or Fort Canning depending on where you’re located.

Outlined below are some of the recent transactions for condos in the area:

Robertson Quay

6. East Coast

If you prefer a laid-back lifestyle with the beach nearby, East Coast is the area for you. Known for its park, seafood eateries, and recreational facilities, it offers a great environment for families and individuals who love outdoor activities. Cafes and restaurants here cater to a broad range of tastes, often with stunning sea views.

The Australian community in East Coast enjoys the slower pace and close-knit neighbourhood feel. Commutes to the CBD average around 20-30 minutes.

Outlined below are some of the recent transactions for various condos in this particular district:

East Coast

Why These Areas are Popular Among Australian Expats

These neighbourhoods offer something for everyone - proximity to the city, diverse dining options, access to international schools, a vibrant community, and in some cases, a relaxing sea view. Moreover, the availability of Australian products in local supermarkets and the welcoming nature of these communities add to the appeal.

Comparison of Lifestyle Elements

Lifestyle elements such as cost of living, quality of life, and overall satisfaction vary across these neighbourhoods. Generally, areas like Marina Bay and Orchard Road come with a higher cost of living due to their prime location, while areas like East Coast are more affordable. Despite these differences, Australian expats across all these neighbourhoods report a high quality of life and overall satisfaction, reinforcing Singapore's reputation as a great place for Australians to live.

Tips for Australians Planning to Move to Singapore

Research is key when considering a move to Singapore. Each neighbourhood offers a unique living experience, so it’s important to identify your priorities, be it proximity to work, access to certain amenities, or a specific type of community. Visiting the areas, talking to residents, and even staying in the area temporarily before deciding could provide invaluable insights.

I would also encourage you to download my free Relocation to Singapore Guide specifically written for Australian expats. You can download your copy here.


Choosing where to live in a new city can be challenging, but understanding the favoured locales among those who've walked the path before you can be an enormous help. Singapore offers diverse neighbourhoods that have successfully catered to Australian expats, from vibrant CBD locales to serene suburban retreats. Wherever you choose to settle, I trust you'll enjoy the Lion City and all it has to offer.


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