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The Importance of Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a comprehensive process that I go through with my clients to ensure that their families and loved ones are looked after should the unforeseen occur or when individuals pass. The process extends beyond just preparing a Will, and includes Power of Attorney, Trust planning and ensuring your children are cared for with Temporary and Permanent Guardians.

Estate Planning - Jarrad Brown

Key Areas of Estate Planning

There are many aspects you should carefully consider when it comes to your estate planning needs, beyond just preparing and updating your Will.

Guardianship Planning - Jarrad Brown


Guardianship is a vital piece of the estate planning process. For any expatriates with children in Singapore and the region, having a temporary and permanent guardian in place for your children ensures they’ll be cared for should the unforeseen occur.

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Power of Attorney - Jarrad Brown

Power of Attorney

Putting in place an Enduring Power of Attorney is an important element of estate planning as it allows you to appoint somebody that you trust to make decisions about your financial and personal well-being when you are not in a position to make them for yourself.

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Trust Planning - Jarrad Brown


A Trust can allow a trustee (third party) to hold assets (cash, physical assets, investments) on behalf of a beneficiary or group of beneficiaries. This can be very important for your estate planning when you are considering how your assets will be distributed

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Wills - Jarrad Brown


A Will is a document that most people should have in place. In estate planning, the Will is a key starting point as it allows your wishes to be carried out for the distribution of your assets when you pass ensuring that those that you care about are looked after.

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