CPF Bonus Interest Rates in Singapore

In Singapore, planning for retirement is often synonymous with understanding the Central Provident Fund (CPF). A critical component of this is grasping how CPF bonus interest rates work. These rates are not just numbers in a policy document; they are pivotal tools that can significantly enhance your retirement savings.

This guide delves deep into the world of CPF bonus interest rates, offering insights into how they can be maximised for a secure financial future.

Understanding CPF Bonus Interest Rates

CPF bonus interest rates are additional interest rates provided over the regular CPF interest rates. As of 2023, CPF accounts typically earn regular interest rates ranging from 2.5% to 4% per annum. However, bonus interest rates can substantially augment these returns, particularly for senior members.

The Singapore government introduced bonus interest rates to incentivise savings and ensure financial security for the elderly. These rates encourage CPF members to build and maintain larger balances, thereby enhancing their financial stability in retirement.

Regular CPF interest rates are already competitive compared to many bank savings accounts. For example, the Ordinary Account (OA) earns 2.5% per annum, while the Special and MediSave Accounts (SA and MA) earn up to 4%. The Retirement Account (RA) also earns up to 4%. Bonus interest rates come on top of these, boosting the growth of your retirement nest egg.

Eligibility and Calculation

Eligibility for bonus interest rates depends on factors like age and account balances. From age 55, members can earn an additional 1% to 2% on the first $30,000 of their combined CPF balances, with up to 1% on the next $30,000.

Let's consider Mr. Tan, a 58-year-old CPF member with $50,000 in his OA and $70,000 in his SA. Annually, he'd earn regular interest on these amounts, plus an additional 2% on the first $30,000 and 1% on the next $30,000 of his combined balances. This bonus interest significantly enhances his total CPF savings, crucial for his retirement years.

Impact and Payment

The impact of bonus interest rates on overall CPF balances is substantial. Interest, including the bonus, is calculated monthly and credited annually. This compounding effect can significantly boost your savings over time.

Maximising CPF Bonus Interest Rates

To maximise these rates, maintaining high CPF balances and planning withdrawals carefully is crucial. Postponing withdrawals from your CPF accounts can also result in higher interest earnings.

  • Top-Up Early: Making cash top-ups to your SA or RA can earn you higher interest rates earlier.
  • Plan Withdrawals: Withdraw only what's necessary to benefit from compounding interest on the remaining balance.
  • Regular Monitoring: Keep an eye on CPF policy updates to stay informed about any changes in interest rates or eligibility criteria.

Common Misconceptions

A common myth is that CPF interest rates, including the bonus, are too low to matter. However, when compounded over time, they can significantly boost your retirement savings. Further to this, unlike bank interest rates, which can fluctuate significantly, CPF interest rates, including the bonus, are more stable and often higher than average bank savings rates.

The other key common misconception is where the bonus interest is actually paid. This is not actually paid into your Ordinary Account, even though the bonus earned may be on your OA balance. Bonus interest is credited directly into your SA or RA to enhance your retirement savings. If these are maxed out, it goes into your OA.


We've covered the essentials of CPF bonus interest rates and how they can amplify your retirement savings. Remember, every bit added to your CPF accounts now can grow manifold, thanks to these bonus rates. Consider optimising your CPF contributions and consult a financial adviser to make the most of these benefits.


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