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FAQ – Our Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right fee-based financial adviser to partner with to help you achieve your financial goals involves asking the right questions. Unfortunately for some, it’s difficult to know what the right questions are at first and they only find out when it’s too late.

I’ve outlined below some of the FAQ – frequently asked questions – that I am often asked and encourage new prospective clients to ask. This will help you to make the right decision and lead to a mutually beneficial relationship with your financial adviser.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ - Jarrad Brown - Trusted Fee-Based Financial Adviser in Singapore
I am very different to most Financial Advisers in Singapore for some very key reasons, other than just being born and working in Australia.

Experience – Very few in Singapore have the financial advice and portfolio management skill set and experience that I have. I have spent many years in the industry in both Australia and Singapore advising busy professionals on accumulating and protecting their wealth. It is also important to note that many Advisers here are not licensed to advise on direct equities so they are missing out on investment opportunities that could be generating strong returns for you.

Education – Even fewer in Singapore have my strong educational background and focus. I always aim to improve my knowledge and financial skills, having completed my Advanced Diploma and Diploma in Financial Planning. My next goal is to complete my Executive MBA in Asset Management.

Alignment of Interests – My own charging structure is also unique in Singapore in some key areas including that there is no lock-in period and you will have access to your funds, there are no hidden charges or penalties and I charge a portfolio management charge ensuring that your success is my success.

Contact me to discuss how these differences can benefit you.

Our specialist knowledge, partnerships, training and experience in working with Australian clients allows us to provide specialist advice and guidance on Australian-specific areas such as superannuation. This also allows us to ensure a seamless repatriation for you and your family if/when you decide to return to Australia. Find out more about Australian Expatriate Group by clicking here. Global Financial Consultants has over 20 years’ experience working with locals and expats from all over the globe. Our diverse client base and flexibility to utilise a range of financial providers allows us to ensure you receive the right advice based on your own situation and financial goals.

My client retention rate is something I take great pride in and I can honestly state that the vast majority (98%+) of my clients stay with me beyond the first year.

So why the loss of some clients? There will always be some clients who decide to leave for a number of reasons. In most cases, it is due to changing circumstances or relocation of my clients to parts of the world that prevent me being able to continue to provide advice and guidance.

The easiest way to find out more about me is to click here and arrange a convenient time to meet with me face-to-face or have an initial discussion over the phone. This will give us a great opportunity to get to know each other and discover whether I can add value to your finances.
As a Fee-Based Financial Adviser I am typically remunerated in one of two ways or a combination:

  1. Hourly / Advice-Based Fee: I charge an hourly fee where we are providing comprehensive planning advice. The time involved depends on the complexity of the advice we are giving.
  2. Annual Portfolio Management Charge: This is the charging structure I utilise with my clients to ensure that our interests are aligned. As the value of your portfolio grows then my income will also grow.

For some of the solutions we utilise there will be a commission payable to me as the Adviser which is generally the case for protection products. This is built into the charge of the product and is not paid for in addition to the product charges. I also provide a unique service to my clients of acting as a ‘financial sounding board’ for the friends and family of my clients free of charge.

My typical charge will be 0.75 – 1.5% per annum depending on the value of the portfolio. This is charged on the value of the portfolio. For portfolios larger than SGD 5,000,000 I am happy to negotiate my fee structure.
No, the first meeting is entirely complimentary and there is no obligation for you to proceed.

My approach begins with this no-obligation discussion of your needs and circumstances. This allows you the opportunity to understand my service and whether it fits with your needs. Ahead of our discussion, I’ll ask you for further details about your financial circumstances, and your thoughts on what you would like to achieve whilst in Asia and beyond. When we meet, I’ll let you how we can assist you and make a suggestion as to the format and scope of our services. I’ll also explain our fees and provide you with a detailed cost estimate – any fees are agreed with you first.

No, I regularly visit with people at their offices, clubs or quiet cafes / restaurants that allow us to discuss your personal financial situation in more detail. You are also welcome to meet with me at our offices at Level 2, 19 China street.

Have a Question You’d Like to Ask Me?

If you have a question, whether general or about your own personal circumstances, and you can’t find the answer in our frequently asked questions, please contact me with the link below and I’ll get back to you right away.

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