Financial Considerations of Becoming a Stay At Home Parent

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The decision you make to stay at home full-time to look after your child or children is a difficult one and should not be made lightly. This is especially true for Australian expats with the added complications of relatively low-cost full-time help, living in Singapore on a working visa or Dependant Pass (DP) and overall [...]

How To Raise Financially Intelligent Children

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It is clear that financial intelligence is significantly lacking from our schools’ curriculums. If you’re a parent wishing to raise financially intelligent children, you’re going to need to take on the responsibility yourself. Below are my 6 top tips to raise financially astute children, and start to develop the skills early that they will take [...]

The Unexpected Costs of Having a Baby

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They may be tiny little people, and one of life’s greatest joys, but new babies certainly have the potential to rack up some expected expenses. Whether you’re currently thinking about having your first child, or you’re already on the path, it’s important to start preparing for some of the costs that you may not yet [...]

Boost Your Savings as a Single Parent

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Many single parents often find it a challenge to continue to meet their household’s financial commitments after the loss of a loved one. Whether the result of a breakup, divorce or death, you can take some simple steps to continue to build your financial foundations. Below are my five top tips to increase you regular [...]