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Our Online Cash Flow Calculators

Here you can use the below cash flow calculators to find out what your net cash flow position is, how much extra you could be saving by reducing your expenses, how much you should have in your emergency fund and whether your spouse should enter the workforce.

Borrowing Calculator - Loan Repayment Calculator - Jarrad Brown

Use Our Online Cash Flow Calculators Below

Click on the links below to access the cash flow calculators for each of the key areas below.

Cash Flow Calculator - Jarrad Brown

Net Cash Flow Calculator

Use this cash flow calculator to find out how much you could be saving/investing on a regular basis. This is typically monthly in Singapore given the pay cycles. By calculating your surplus income on a regular basis you are taking the first step to creating your investment strategy and putting yourself in an excellent financial position in future.

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Reduce Expenses Calculator - Jarrad Brown

Expense Reduction Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how much you could be accumulating on a regular basis by cutting down on expenses. Working in Singapore can be a great opportunity given the higher income and relatively lower taxes. By reducing expenses where possible you could be regularly saving and building up a well-diversified investment portfolio.

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Emergency Fund Calculator - Jarrad Brown

Emergency Fund Calculator

Use this cash flow calculator to find out how much you should have in your Emergency Fund. It is important for all of us to have a lump sum that we can access readily should any unforeseen emergencies arise.

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Spouse Working Calculator - Jarrad Brown

Spouse Start Working?

Use this cash flow calculator to compare the costs and benefits of your spouse entering the workforce. A consideration for many expats in Singapore is whether your spouse should also enter the workforce.

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