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Our Online Borrowing Calculators

Here you can use the below borrowing calculators to find out how much your repayments would be, how long it will take to repay your loan and make an informed decision about whether to pay off your existing debts or to look at investment option for excess funds.

Borrowing Calculators - Jarrad Brown

Use Our Online Borrowing Calculators Below

Click on the links below to access the borrowing calculators for each of the key areas below.

Pay off Debt vs Invest - Jarrad Brown

Pay Off Debt vs. Invest

Use this borrowing calculator to calculate whether it would be financially wise to pay off existing debt or to invest excess funds received. This could be from a bonus, inheritance or otherwise. Many expats in Singapore receive bonuses and it’s important that you make an informed decision on the most appropriate place for these funds.

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Borrowing Calculator - Loan Repayent Time - Jarrad Brown

Loan Repayment Time Calculator

Use this borrowing calculator to work out exactly how long it will take you to pay off your loan given a fixed monthly payment. You can calculate the difference in time by reducing or increasing your regular repayments. By slightly reducing payments you could also be building an investment portfolio and ensuring that your funds are working for you.

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Borrowing Calculator - Loan Repayment Calculator - Jarrad Brown

Repayments Calculator

Use this borrowing calculator to calculate how much you will be required to repay on a regular basis if you take out a loan. Use this calculator to work out how much you can actually afford to borrow based on your own regular savings and cash flows.

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Borrowing Calculators Page - Jarrad Brown

Paying Extra Off Your Loan

Use this borrowing calculator to calculate the benefit of paying an additional sum and how this will effect your required minimum repayments. Should you reduce your debts by paying more than the minimum required or should you put these funds to better use..?

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