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Our Online Financial Calculators

Use Our Financial Calculators to Make Informed Decisions

Whether you’re looking to calculate how much you need to save to achieve financial independence, how much life insurance you should have in place to ensure your family is safe or just want to know how long your savings will last, our calculators will help you.

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Our Range of Online Financial Calculators

Use our range of online financial calculators below covering retirement needs, life and other forms of insurance, savings and cash flow calculations. Contact us and allow us to guide you in putting these calculations into action.

Borrowing Calculators - Jarrad Brown

Borrowing Calculators

With our series of online borrowing calculators, you can calculate your repayments on a particular loan amount, discover how much you could borrow based on regular repayments, and whether you should pay off your debts or invest excess funds.

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Borrowing Calculator - Loan Repayment Calculator - Jarrad Brown

Cash Flow Calculators

Calculate your personal cash flows with our series of online cash-flow calculators here. You can calculate your personal net cash flow on a regular basis, your emergency funding needs and calculate whether your spouse should enter the workforce.

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Insurance Calculators - Jarrad Brown

Insurance Calculators

Calculate your insurance requirements with our series of online insurance calculators here. You can calculate your estimated levels of life and critical illness insurance, and even how long your insurance proceeds would last should the unforeseen occur.

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Retirement Calculators - Jarrad Brown

Retirement Calculators

Calculate your retirement needs here with our online retirement calculators. You can discover how much you will need to retire, whether you’ve already saved enough to retire on the level of income you desire and the cost of delaying your savings.

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Savings Calculators - Jarrad Brown

Savings Calculators

With our series of online savings calculators, you can calculate how much you need to save on a regular basis to accumulate one million dollars, goal-based savings amounts and how much you need to save to draw your target passive income.

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