The Power of Rentvesting

In many discussions with our clients, we’re faced with the common question: “Should I buy or rent my home..?” There certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question and it very much depends on your individual circumstances and financial goals. This week we’re exploring a strategy commonly referred to as rent-vesting, whereby you’re still investing [...]

Are You Saving More During This Pandemic?

Are you finding that you’re saving more money this year during the pandemic? Without the ability to regularly spend on short trips throughout the region, the annual ski holiday or European cruise, or even weekly drinks with your colleagues, many Australian expats are finding that they’re able to save more money throughout 2020. Australian bank [...]

Australian Federal Budget 2020 – Expat Edition

The Australian Federal Budget of 2020 was closely watched by Australian expats all over the globe given these unprecedented times that we’re all going through. With rising unemployment, businesses closing their doors, Covid numbers rising globally, border closures and no imminent vaccine – it was clear that this Budget was going to have to focus [...]

Financial Assistance for Australians Abroad

There is no doubt that for many Australian households, they’d like to quickly wave goodbye to 2020 and see the world return to normal. Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on many Australian expat and resident families throughout the course of this year, and for many this has been quite financially debilitating. There are also [...]

Should I Buy My Future Home Before Repatriating..?

For many Australian expats stuck all over the globe, the lockdown measures as a direct result of Covid-19 have caused them to start to re-think their expat plans. For some this could mean shortening their planned time abroad, deciding that the wide open spaces and big backyards of Australia are too appealing to stay away [...]

Australian Expat Tax Residency – June 2020 Update

Every year, perhaps with 2020 being slightly different, thousands of Australians decide to depart the sunny shores of the land down under to head abroad for work opportunities, to start businesses or simply to experience another culture. Many of these Australian expats intend on returning to Australia eventually, but they could spend anywhere from 1 [...]

Buy Now – Pay Never

The rapid rise in buy now, pay later services such as Zip Pay and AfterPay, really can be quite terrifying given the current period of economic and financial uncertainty for many households. A recent survey conducted in Australia found that approximately 60% of survey respondents outlined that they were influenced to make a purchase because [...]

Retiree Mistakes to Avoid During COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken its toll on Australians all over the world, both personally and financially, and it is the retirees in particularly that need to avoid making some serious financial mistakes that they may not be able to recover from. With most financial markets having declined since the start of this year, we are seeing [...]

Saving Money During COVID-19

COVID-19 is taking its toll on Australians at home and expats all over the world, and we may only be at the beginning of the financial impacts for many families. Even though the world is starting to re-open as Governments across the globe seek to get people back to work, unemployment is still expected to [...]

Giving Back in Singapore During COVID-19

COVID-19 has occupied our minds and conversations for months now and sadly it has had an all-too real impact on many families across the world. From jobs being lost to people losing their loved ones to this virus, it has touched the lives of many. At this difficult time, I count myself as tremendously lucky [...]