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Franking Credits for Aussie Expats

Franking credits form a very important element of the Australian tax system, and providing you’re willing to invest the time to understand how they work, or work with an Adviser who does, you can significantly improve your personal finances. Many countries around the world have franking credits including Australia. Whether you’re living and working in [...]

Is My Life Insurance Valid?

Many of our clients often hold both Life and Total & Permanent Disability Insurance inside their superannuation funds, as is often the case for Australian expats. The issue with this for many is that the insurance became invalid when they changed their country of residence, which they would often only discover at the point they [...]

Positive vs Negative Gearing for Aussie Expats

Gearing when it comes to property investment can be a powerful strategy for you as both an Australian expat or as a resident, as long as you are making informed choices. We are constantly bombarded with misinformation and everyone has their own opinion about whether positive or negative gearing is the right strategy. Firstly, it’s [...]

Money Lessons from Crazy Rich Asians

After buying her the book on one of our recent flights, it was time to take my better half to see the movie that is front of mind for most in Singapore and across the continent, Crazy Rich Asians. The story is the perfect combination of a modern Cinderella fairy tale, a highlight of the [...]

Withholding Tax for Aussie Expats in Singapore

One common misconception that is often raised by Australian expats in Singapore is the concern that if they invest in Australian shares or listed investments, that they will need to pay tax in Australia on any capital gains and dividends. If you are a tax resident of Singapore, then this is not the case, and [...]

Which Costs More – Singapore vs. Australia

Singapore is often ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world for Australian expats to live and work in. Working as an Aussie expat in Singapore can be one of the most financially rewarding moves you’ll make, but it’s important to watch your spending. This week we compare the cost of living [...]

Why Aussie Expats Should Be On LinkedIn

Australia truly is the lucky country. With its beautiful white sandy beaches, love of all sports and outdoor activities and the friendly down-to-earth nature of the average Aussie, it’s no wonder that many Aussie expats will return home to the land down under. Many of our Aussie expat clients and the wider community will often [...]

Busting FX Transfer Myths for Australian Expats in Singapore

As is often the case with many personal finance issues for Australian expats, there are many myths floating around when it comes to the implications of transferring funds back from Singapore to Australia. In this week’s article, we’re going to separate the fact from the fiction and outline what you actually need to pay attention [...]

Top Tips for the Expat Trailing Spouse

A relocation offer to Singapore or elsewhere for one partner can often be the greatest opportunity for them and a giant leap forward in their career, however can also mean a significant trade-off for the other, often known as the ‘trailing spouse’. The term ‘trailing spouse’ seems to imply that you are simply following your [...]