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How Might Labor’s Policies Impact Australian Expats?

With a federal election just around the corner in Australia, and current odds on Sportsbet at 1.14 for a Labor win, the outcome is looking more and more likely by the day. It’s therefore important to start considering and planning for what a Shorten leadership could mean for Australia’s tax policies and how this impacts [...]

Why is Singapore a Top Choice for Australian Expats

Today, I’d like to discuss what makes Singapore such an attractive destination for Australian expats. I may be a little biased having lived and worked here for nearly six years, and loving every moment of it, but if we look at the recent surveys Singapore consistently ranks in the top three expat destinations [...]

Top Tips for Shopping in Singapore

Being one of the most vibrant shopping hubs in Asia, Singapore is often known as a shopper’s paradise. From mega malls to atmospheric shopping streets, Singapore has got all of your shopping needs covered. An important thing to note is that brands found in the US or UK could be double the price in Singapore. [...]

Video – Withholding Tax for Australian Expats

  Today, we’re talking about withholding tax and what it means for Australian expats in Singapore. What is Withholding Tax? One of the most common misconceptions and myths that we see floating around amongst Australian expats is that if you buy managed funds or Australian shares while you’re a non-resident of Australia for [...]

Tax Deductions for Australian Expats in Singapore

The tax rates that apply in Singapore to our personal income are one of the many reasons that Australian expats, among others, find life in this lion city so appealing. With a top marginal tax rate of just 22% applying to income levels above S$320,000, tax deductions and tax minimisation strategies are rarely considered, however [...]

Video #5 – Main Residence Exemption for Australian Expats

  Today, we’re talking about the main residence exemption for Australian property and what it’s removal, proposed removal, could mean for Australian expats. Firstly, let’s explore what the current rules are. Current Main Residence Rules for Australian Property Whether we live in Australia, as Australian tax residents, or we live abroad as Australian [...]

2019 Singapore Budget – Australian Expat Edition

The 2019 Singapore Budget speech took place earlier this week, and if you’re like most Australian expats living and working in this city state, it would have gone largely unnoticed. As expats, it’s important to recognise this great opportunity we have to be here, and take an active interest in some of the key announcements, [...]

Episode 4 – Australian Expat’s Guide to Superannuation Today we’re talking superannuation for Australian expats – the top tips, the tricks and the traps to watch out for. Why Should I Consider My Superannuation? In Australia, we have over $2.5 trillion in our superannuation system. This makes it one of the largest and most efficient pension and retirement systems in the world. [...]

Episode 3 – HECS & HELP Guide for Australian Expats

Today we’re going to explore HECS and HELP debt for Australians who are living and working outside of Australia. What’s Changed For Australian Expats? If you’ve completed studies at an Australian institution in the past and have a HECS or HELP debt, prior to 2016 if you were working outside of Australia you didn’t actually [...]

The Royal Commission Simplified

It has been the time many were waiting for – the Royal Commission report to be released to the public punishing the ‘big 4’ banks for the terrible behaviour and horrible acts they’ve been committing for years. You may recall some of the headlines – continuing to charge fees to deceased clients, inappropriate selling of [...]