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New Australian Expat’s Guide to Singapore

It’s a brand new year, you’ve landed in the ‘Lion City’ of Singapore on your Australian Expat journey and it’s time to start exploring how you can make the most of living and working in this city state. Let me first tell that that you’ve made an excellent first choice and deserve a pat on [...]

8 Top Money Tips for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and what a wonderful time of the year it is. However, for many this can be the time that the finances blow out and you start the new year with a financial hangover. I’ve put together my eight top tips to keep your Christmas spending in check and to help you [...]

Contingency Planning for Your Retirement

“Life is what happens to us while we’re making other plans…” Allen Saunders   One of the greatest oversights that we often make when planning for our retirement is to factor in the contingencies – those unexpected events that can often cost us far more than we expect or plan for. With advances in medical [...]

Australian Expat Guide to Renting in Singapore

One of the most crucial decisions when it comes to becoming an expat and moving to Singapore, is deciding what neighbourhood to rent in. Thankfully, over the past 3 – 4 years, rental prices have come down in most areas, making it more affordable for most Australian expats. Going through the process of renting a [...]

How To Boost Your Borrowing Capacity as an Aussie Expat

“The most important phrase in the world of money is cash flow. The second most important is leverage.” Rich Dad, Poor Dad   If you’re an Aussie expat living and working overseas, and you’ve tried to either refinance your existing loans in Australia, or borrow new funds, then chances are you’ve experienced just how difficult [...]

FX – The Key Risk to Australian Expats

From Trump’s tough stance on China to the political instability throughout most European nations, there is no doubt that volatility is on the rise. The year, particularly the last quarter, has been a key reminder for most investors that asset prices don’t always head up in a straight line, and will at times see a [...]

Australian Expat Guide to Bringing Pets to Singapore

When it comes to deciding to relocate to Singapore as an Australian expat, an important consideration is how to bring the four-legged member of your family. After all, for many families their pet dog or cat is just as much a member of the family as the kids, so it’s important that you know what [...]

Top 10 Tips to Financially Prepare to Start a Family

Starting a family and raising young children in Singapore can certainly be very different to doing so back home in Australia. The access to helpers and babysitters who can live in your house or visit regularly to allow you to return to work sooner, high costs of both day-care and early childhood education and for [...]

10 Things I Miss About Australia

As an Australian expat living and working in Singapore, there are certainly things I miss about my homeland, and I’m reminded of these when visiting family or visiting the country. We are truly blessed to call home a country with arguably the best beaches in the world, friendly and easy going nature of most people, [...]

Top Ten Reasons I Enjoy Living in Singapore

It comes to me as no surprise that Singapore has yet again, for a fourth year in a row, taken out first place as the expat destination of choice in both the Atlas Wealth Management Survey and the Expat Explorer Survey carried out by HSBC. Both the competitive salaries and quality of childcare and education [...]