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Top Tips for the Expat Trailing Spouse

A relocation offer to Singapore or elsewhere for one partner can often be the greatest opportunity for them and a giant leap forward in their career, however can also mean a significant trade-off for the other, often known as the ‘trailing spouse’. The term ‘trailing spouse’ seems to imply that you are simply following your [...]

Aussie Expat End of Financial Year Checklist 2018

We’re now on the home stretch to the end of the Australian financial year so it’s important to ensure that you’ve not overlooked anything as an Australian expat and haven’t missed out on any opportunities available to you. I’ve put together my End of Financial Year Checklist for Australian expats in Singapore and across the [...]

Australian Budget 2018 – Aussie Expat Edition

The 2018 Australian Federal Budget has thankfully suggested that very little will change for Australian expats living and working across the globe. Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the 2018-19 Budget on the 8th May and I have outlined the key changes below that may impact Australian expats. Tax Rate Changes The Government has introduced a [...]

Aussie Expat Guide to Repatriation

With our beautiful landscape, passion for sport and most outdoor activities and our ‘down-to-earth’ approach to most aspects of life, it’s no wonder that most Australian expats are either planning to work or retire back home. When it comes to returning home, it’s not as simple as simply packing your suitcase, booking the flights and [...]

Currency Risk – Don’t Ignore the Basics

Every day we’ll open the newspaper, or turn on Bloomberg to listen to market and investment risks being discussed. Whether it be political risks such as ‘trade war’ between the US and China, political instability in the Middle East or high levels of household debt in Australia, there is no shortage of risks to be [...]

Aussie Expat’s Guide to Buying Property in Singapore

It was 5 years ago that I decided to leave my home town of Perth and become an Aussie expat in the lion city of Singapore. As a home to many multinational firms, it’s a culturally diverse place and a popular settlement destination for many expats. One of the many facets that you quickly learn [...]

Australian Property Rule Changes for Aussie Expats

Given our particular affinity to Australian property, the latest update to the Main Residence Exemption may not come as welcome news to most Australian expats. Last year in the Australian Federal Budget, it was indicated that the main residence exemption was set to be removed for Australian expats. This was not positive news at the [...]

Medicare for Aussie Expats in Singapore

Deciding to move to Singapore and become an Australian expat in this city state can be a big change for many people, which brings with it a number of important decisions. Of these many decisions, one of the most important is deciding what to do about you and your family’s health insurance. This is also [...]

The Gender Retirement Gap & Expat Women

With International Women’s Day having just passed a couple of weeks ago on the 8th March, I thought it would be a valuable insight to share some of the key risks for expat women when it comes to the gender retirement gap and what you can do to prepare for and overcome these risks. There [...]

Am I An Australian Tax Resident?

Today there are well over one million Australians living and working abroad, so it’s clear that we are a very mobile group and this is likely to continue. With increased earning potential and career prospects being key drivers for many to move abroad, it’s important to consider the key question: “Am I an Australian tax [...]