Automatic Exemption for Australian Expat Travel REPEALED

It almost went unnoticed…almost! On 1st August 2021, our Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt, amended the Biosecurity Act 2015, which could have serious ramifications for many Australian expats, both those who are currently in Australia visiting friends or family, or those looking to head back for a trip. In simple terms, this [...]

Australian Expat Tax Residency Proposed Changes

I, like many other Australian expats still call Australia home, but should this mean that I have to pay tax there regardless of where I may live and work. If the proposed changes in Australia’s most recent Federal Budget are passed, then this may very well be the case. While the 2021 Budget was always [...]

Australian Budget 2021 – Aussie Expat Edition

There was little doubt that this year’s Australian Federal Budget would focus on securing Australia’s economic recovery as we enter a post-Covid world. The Budget was very much focused on creating jobs domestically, increasing business confidence and simplifying some of the measures when it comes to tax residency, which is great news for Australian expats. [...]

How to Raise Financially Intelligent Children

It is clear that financial intelligence is significantly lacking in our schools’ curricula. If you’re a parent wishing to raise financially intelligent children, you’re going to need to take on the responsibility yourself. In this video, I share my 6 top tips to raise financially astute children and start to develop the skills early [...]

DP Holders to Apply for Work Pass in Singapore

Expats who are currently on a Dependant Pass (DP) with a Letter of Consent to work in Singapore yesterday received some rather unwelcome news that is still being digested. As part of their measures to support local employment in Singapore given the effects of Covid-19, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has announced that as of [...]

Video – ESG Investing for Australian Expats

What is ESG investing..? Will it improve my investment returns..? How do I get started..? The growth in investment in this space over the last 5 years has been remarkable, and 2020 has only accelerated this. From the devastating bushfires in Australia to a cyclone in India and Bangladesh, the recent events in the United [...]

ESG Investing in Singapore for Australian Expats

The term ESG was first coined in 2005, as part of a study called ‘Who Cares Wins’, which brought together many parties from the financial services sector to explore the role played by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in the long-term investment decision-making process. The growth in investment in this space over the last [...]

The Power of Rentvesting

In many discussions with our clients, we’re faced with the common question: “Should I buy or rent my home..?” There certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question and it very much depends on your individual circumstances and financial goals. This week we’re exploring a strategy commonly referred to as rent-vesting, whereby you’re still investing [...]

Are You Saving More During This Pandemic?

Are you finding that you’re saving more money this year during the pandemic? Without the ability to regularly spend on short trips throughout the region, the annual ski holiday or European cruise, or even weekly drinks with your colleagues, many Australian expats are finding that they’re able to save more money throughout 2020. Australian bank [...]

Australian Federal Budget 2020 – Expat Edition

The Australian Federal Budget of 2020 was closely watched by Australian expats all over the globe given these unprecedented times that we’re all going through. With rising unemployment, businesses closing their doors, Covid numbers rising globally, border closures and no imminent vaccine – it was clear that this Budget was going to have to focus [...]