Superannuation for Repatriating Australian Expats

Australia’s superannuation system is one of the most tax-efficient retirement schemes globally, and with over $3 trillion of assets sitting within the superannuation system, it is certainly one not to be ignored. When it comes to Australian expats looking to repatriate to Australia, there is a great deal to consider when it comes to your [...]

Where to Next for Inflation & Equities..?

Cash rates globally have increased rapidly since early 2022, and whilst they’re still low by historical standards, it has certainly created a great deal of volatility across equity and fixed-income markets across the globe. With higher inflation expectations looking likely to remain for the short to medium term, and interest rates unlikely to return to [...]

Repatriation Checklist for Australian Expats in Singapore

Whether you’ve been away for one year or ten, repatriation can be an especially emotional and disruptive time. We’ve compiled a checklist of things to consider for a smooth repatriation. It’s best to plan at least 3 months in advance so you have plenty of time to sort out all the details of your move [...]

UAE Releases Tax Residency Framework

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken a step towards a more globally compliant tax framework by revealing a set of new tax residency requirements forming part of the legislation there. The UAE is home to over 15,000 Australian expats, many of whom are based Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and as the world continues to [...]

How Much Super Should I Have At My Age..?

“We only have $X in our superannuation, and we know that this isn’t very much at our age..” This is one of the most common statements that I hear from Australian expats in Singapore and across the globe, particularly from those that have been living and working abroad for some time. Chances are that if [...]

Selling Property as an Aussie Expat

Residential real estate as an investment has been an attractive option for both Australian residents and expats for decades, and I’m sure it will certainly remain an option to consider over the years to come. Whilst it can generate long-term capital growth and income returns, there are critical factors to consider when it comes to [...]

FX Risk & Your Life Insurance Policy

One of the biggest risks, and often one of the most overlooked, for Australian expats is foreign exchange (FX) risk, particularly how this applies to personal insurance policies. Here I’m referring specifically to Life, Total & Permanent Disability, Critical Illness, and Income Protection policies. As an Australian expat living and working abroad, managing your FX [...]

Queensland Backflips on Land Tax Reforms

In what has been a positive end to the weekly news cycle, we have seen Queensland announce that they would not be proceeding with their proposed land tax reforms. This comes as welcome news to both landlords, aspiring property investors, and of course renters or those looking to rent who would have no doubt seen [...]

Should I Pay Down My Australian Mortgage Whilst in Singapore..?

“Should I pay down my Australian mortgage while I’m living and working in Singapore..?” This was the question that I was asked recently during a meeting by an Australian expat in Singapore, and one that many Australian expats ask. At first glance, it can seem like a ‘no-brainer’ to use your excess savings to reduce [...]

Singapore’s New One Pass – Work Visa for Expats

Singapore has been a very attractive destination for many Australian expats over the past few decades, for which there are many drivers, from relatively low-income tax rates and zero capital gains tax to the safety and cleanliness of this city-state, and of course the proximity and pro-business culture of the nation. There are approximately 20,000 [...]