2016 Australian Federal Budget Review for Aussie Expats

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2016 Australian Federal Budget Review for Aussie Expats

The ‘Super’ Australian Federal Budget 2016 has just been released and there are a number of important changes that Australian expats need to be aware of.

There have been a number of key changes to superannuation, for both concessional and non-concessional contributions, as well as lifetime allowances. As Australian expats, it’s important that you seek advice on how these changes will impact your retirement plans.

Read our full report on the changes in the Australian Budget announced by clicking here.

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Jarrad Brown is an Australian-trained and qualified Independent Fee-Based Financial Adviser with Australian Expatriate Group of Global Financial Consultants Pte Ltd providing specialist financial advice and portfolio management services to international and local professionals in Singapore.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that Jarrad Brown is not a tax agent or accountant and none of the content outlined here should be taken as personal advice. You should consult your tax agent and financial adviser to review your current personal finances and financial goals to consider whether this strategy is appropriate for you.


Jarrad Brown is the trusted fee-based financial adviser in Singapore working with professional expats in the region. An Australian qualified and experienced Financial Adviser, Jarrad provides specialist advice to Australian expats as well as other nationalities.

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