Am I An Australian Tax Resident?

Today there are well over one million Australians living and working abroad, so it’s clear that we are a very mobile group and this is likely to continue. With increased earning potential and career prospects being key drivers for many to move abroad, it’s important to consider the key question: “Am I an Australian tax […]

How Can I Access My Super

Superannuation is Australian’s retirement savings vehicle, and one of the largest and most advanced in the world. For anyone currently working in Australia, their employer will make a mandatory contribution of 9.5% into their chosen superannuation fund. This is imposed under the Superannuation Guarantee Laws in Australia to ensure that every Australian is regularly saving […]

Singapore Ranks #1 as Expat Destination

The HSBC Expat Explorer survey has been released, and the lion city of Singapore has taken out first prize for the top destination to live among expats. Norway has come in at second place, and New Zealand has ranked third overall coming in at first place for the best ‘experience’ destination. To put this in […]

Singapore Budget 2018 – Australian Expat Edition

The Finance Minister of Singapore, Heng Swee Keat delivered the 2018 Singapore Budget on Monday of last week, so we’ve scoured through it to identify what changes will impact Australian expats and others living in, or considering moving to the lion city of Singapore.

First and foremost, Singapore’s GDP growth lifted last year to 3.6%, which […]

Death, Taxes and Superannuation

For most Australian residents, and the Australian expats planning to retire down under, superannuation will in many cases be one of the most tax efficient ways to save for and provide your retirement income. Providing your superannuation is managed appropriately and you receive the right advice, it can offer significant tax and estate planning benefits.

A […]

How To Boost Your Borrowing Capacity as an Aussie Expat

“The most important phrase in the world of money is cash flow. The second most important is leverage.”

– Rich Dad, Poor Dad

If you’re an Aussie expat living and working overseas, and you’ve tried to either refinance your existing loans in Australia, or borrow new funds, then chances are you’ve experienced just how difficult this process […]

Aussie Expats – Find Your Unclaimed Super

As of 30 June 2017, there are more than 6.3 million lost and unclaimed super accounts, including those held by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), with a value of just shy of A$18 billion. If you’ve ever had more than one job in Australia, or even changed your name or address, then chances are some […]

What Risks Are Lurking Inside Your Superannuation Fund?

As an Australian expat planning to retire back home then your superannuation will likely be one of the most tax-efficient vehicles for you to save for and provide for your golden years. Despite constant and perhaps poorly-communicated changes to the superannuation system by the Australian Government, it’s important that as an Aussie expat you pay […]

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How Can I Provide For My Disabled Child

If your child has a disability, it’s important to consider and plan for the financial impact this can have on both your Budget and long term financial plan.

Some of the important considerations and expenses when it comes to your Budget can include:

Carer or helper to provide for your child
Medication or healthcare requirements
Medical […]

High Dividend Stocks – Is it time to EXIT..?

Let’s start with the basics.

A dividend is a share of a company’s profits that are paid to shareholders.

Investing in companies that are paying consistent dividends has been a consistently profitable strategy over the past 5 years, but is it time to change tact?

With interest rates rising, and political uncertainty at record highs, we’ve highlighted below […]